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It is a diagnostic tool that checks if your computer is protected from threats with up to date anti-virus software, firewall and other security software. It also checks for threats on any open currently running software. McAfee is providing Security features from last 30 years. The State art software is trending for security features and renowed antivirus.

Steps to Activate McAfee with activation code

  1. Visit
  2. Enter 25 Digit Activation Code
  3. Login with Mcafee My Account
  4. Download your Software

To activate mcafee user need to have a mcafee account. To create one user need to follow the following instructions. Firstly open the web browser and type activate. Click on my account tab and click on the register now button. A new webpage will open where you need to enter all the required details. Provide the valid mail ID and strong password. After that click on the submit button. Now go to your mailbox. You must get an email from the Mcafee Support there. Verify the mail id by clicking on the link.

Where to find Mcafee activation code?

Mcafee activation code is 25 digit alphanumeric code which is written on back of retail card or send on your registered mail id. Smaple look like : ADR45-SERTY-236GT-ED56T-AED7G

Already Used Mcafee Activation Code?

If you already entered Mcafee activation code the go to and directly download you software

Mcafee Activation Support

While activation and download you may face issues due to wrong key or mismatch of key. Or your computer device may not allow download the software. even after downloa while installation of Mcafee it require compatible files to be installed. You may face different issues which require tunning of your device. You can contact Mcafee support team for assistance.