Help! My Computer’s Screen Has Been Locked by Ransomware!

Ransomware is on the ascent nowadays. It can hold your PC and your information prisoner with the danger of losing your information for good except if the payment request is paid. You ought to never pay these offenders a dime on the grounds that doing as such just urges them to keep pulling this trick on more unfortunate casualties. Except if you’ve gotten hit by one of the extremely awful assortments, for example, CryptoLocker, there is as yet a decent shot that your information can be spared without depending on paying the payment.

In this article, we’re going to discuss an assortment of ransomware that doesn’t encode your records however keeps you out of your framework by not enabling you to utilize your working framework’s UI. This is realized a Screen Locking Ransomware. We’ll discuss that in a moment, first, Let’s take a gander at the other distinctive kinds of ransomware.

What Kind of Ransomware is Infecting My System?

There are a few distinct sorts of ransomware, some nastier than others. Some can be evacuated without episode and some can make it about difficult to recapture your information, Here are a portion of the fundamental sub-kinds of ransomware that you’re probably going to experience:

Document scrambling Ransomware:

This is the most dreaded sort of ransomware on the grounds that it stays faithful to its commitment of scrambling your documents making them unusable until the encryption key is given.

In the event that you back up your information all the time, at that point you won’t need to stress over your documents being scrambled in light of the fact that you have a reinforcement of them which is sheltered and sound in a bureau some place. Having a reinforcement of your information is basic to guaranteeing that the ransomware criminals don’t have the main duplicate of your records.

There are a few sorts of scrambling ransomware that can be relieved. Look at the connections at the base of this article for certain instruments that may help.

Payment Scareware

This is one of the milder types of ransomware with the best possibility of having the capacity to be expelled from your framework by hostile to malware items. These kinds of ransomware are a type of scareware and will normally make dangers that they will accomplish something to your framework, yet won’t really do anything to your information other than making it hard to get to it by means of the working framework.

As a rule, this sort of ransomware can be expelled by hostile to malware or by moving the contaminated drive to another (non-tainted) PC and getting to the information from another OS as a non-bootable drive.

Screen Locking Ransomware

Dissimilar to some different types of ransomware that hold access to information prisoner, screen locking ransomware holds the whole working framework interface prisoner, making it apparently difficult to control the working framework in any capacity. It will offer to open the framework once a charge (the payment) is paid.

A case of this sort of ransomware would be the FBI Ukash MoneyPak ransomware (see this article from the BitDefender blog for more data on it)

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